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Acquisition of ISO 14001 Certification for Each Business Location

Fuji Kogyo Co., Ltd. is proactively involved in environmental activities and building and promoting an Environmental Management System as an “eco-friendly gummed tape” manufacturer and a trading company specialized in handling packaging supplies.
We received ISO 14001 certification for our Head Office, Osaka Branch and Tokai Factory from the Japan Quality Assurance Organization (JQA) on February 6, 2004.
During the renewal procedure on August 6, 2006, we took the opportunity to register all sales offices for ISO 14001.
Recognizing that environmental issues are our top priority, we will continue to increase eco-friendly products and also conserve energy and natural resources. We will also positively and continuously promote our business activities with consideration for the environment by, for example, reducing waste.

Environmental Policy
Fuji Kogyo is a trading company and manufacturer that provides packaging supplies, including gummed tapes. Acknowledging that environmental issues are the top priority, we promote business activities to protect and improve the global environment for future generations.

Basic Policy
1. We shall clearly understand the environmental impact of our business activities to prevent and reduce environmental pollution while continuously operating and improving the Environmental Management System.
2. We shall comply with regulations concerning the environment and other requirements agreed to by the company.
3. We shall set environmental objectives and targets and regularly review them for continuous improvement.
4. We shall document the environmental policy to make it known to every employee and also to the public in response to external requests.

Action Guidelines
1. Use resources and energy efficiently.
2. Reduce waste and promote recycling.
3. Develop and expand sales of eco-friendly products.
4. Set more concrete targets, policies and plans for office activities and promote them in each department.

April 1, 2007
Toshihiro Ozaki
Chairman of the Board
Fuji Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Fuji Kogyo’s Unique Eco-Friendly Products
The following tapes are generally called “gummed tape”:
 a)Paper tapes that have glossy surfaces,
 b)Cloth tapes that can be cut straight by hand.
However, they are not genuine gummed tape.
(a)’s proper name is “kraft adhesive tape.” (b)’s proper name is “cloth adhesive tape.”
What is genuine “gummed tape”? Genuine gummed tape, which resembles kraft adhesive tape, is made when water soluble glue is put on kraft paper (brown paper) and dried. Postage stamps may help you imagine it. Genuine gummed tape, which is not given surface treatment for flaking, is low cost and eco-friendly.

▼Special Features of Gummed Tape
1. Multiple layering is possible
2. No slippage
3. Can be written on (even with water soluble ink)
4. Can be directly reprocessed with cardboard boxes at time of disposal
5. Small-lot printing is possible because of the capability to print after adhesive processing

As a special application, excluding those for sealing cardboard boxes, gummed tape is used as sleeve packaging (with single-faced corrugated board) with, for example, straight tube fluorescent lamps and light bulbs. Our company has the largest market share in the industry.
We provide a wide range of products other than gummed tapes, including packaging supplies using reprocessed materials and eco-friendly products designed to reduce as much waste as possible. Please feel free to contact our sales staff for more information.

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