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Corporate Profile
Fuji Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Picture of the Tokyo Office
Picture of the Tokyo Office
Picture of the Osaka Office
Picture of the Osaka Office
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Founded: May 1934
Established: July, 1956 (former Fuji Kogyo Co., Ltd.) 
April, 2010 (present Fuji Kogyo Co., Ltd.)
Capital: 50 million yen
Major    Stockholders: Ozax Co., Ltd.  100%
Business    Activities: 1. Manufacture and sale of gummed tapes
2. Sale of packaging supplies and packaging equipment
3. Import and export activities related to the above
12.7 billion yen
Employees: 85
Our Major
Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd
Chairman of the Board:    Toshihiro Ozaki
President:    Toyohiro Ozaki
*Managing Director:    Hiroshi Ishida
*Director:    Tsutomu Sakashita
Director:    Yasuo Maeda
Auditor:    Shuji Yoshida
Operating Officer:    Hideo Momose
Special Adviser:    Masao Miyatsuji
Special Adviser:    Kazuaki Kikuchi
Full-time Adviser:    Noboru Yamamoto
Senior Adviser:    Kimiko Ozaki
The Directors marked with a * also hold the post of Operating Officer.
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1934 Fuji Kogyosho Limited Partnership was founded in Takaida, Fuse. 1995 Opened the Sendai and Saitama Sales Offices.
1945 The office building and the factory were razed in the Pacific War. 1996 Opened the Chiba Sales Office.
1946 Restarted manufacturing and sales of gummed tapes after investing in new gummed tape machines. 1999 Upgraded the Osaka Sales Department to a Branch Office.
1956 Separated the Sales Department and incorporated it as Fuji Kogyo Co., Ltd. with capital of 1 million yen
(located in Azuchimachi, Higashi-ku, Osaka).
2000 Opened the Hamamatsu Sales Office.
1959 Increased capital to 4.5 million yen.
Opened the Tokyo, Sapporo and Fukuoka Sales Offices.
2003 Opened the Utsunomiya Sales Office.
1961 Tokutaro Ozaki became Chairman of the Board.
Increased capital to 15 million yen.
Relocated the Head Office to a newly constructed building in Utsubohonmachi, Nishi-ku, Osaka. Opened a new gummed tape manufacturing factory in Haramachi, Shizuoka.
2005 Opened the Himeji and Kagoshima Sales Offices.
1972 Tokutaro Ozaki became President.
Opened the Numazu Sales Office.
2006 Opened the Kitakyushu Office.
1975 Increased capital to 50 million yen. 2007 Upgraded the Nagoya Sales Office to a Branch Office.
Closed the Chiba Sales Office after integration with the Tokyo Branch Office.
Closed the Kitakyushu Office after integration with the Fukuoka Sales Office.
1978 Toshihiro Ozaki became President. 2008 Established a Development Team.
1981 Relocated the Head Office and Osaka Sales Department to the Ozaki Shosan Building in Bakuromachi, Higashi-ku, Osaka. 
Opened the Yokohama and Nagoya Sales Offices.
2009 Established a dual head office structure with a Tokyo Head Office and an Osaka Head Office.
Upgraded the Yokohama and Fukuoka Sales Offices to Branch Offices.
Upgraded the Numazu Sales Office to a Branch Office and renamed it the Shizuoka Branch Office.
1994 Upgraded the Tokyo and Sapporo Sales Offices to Branch Offices. 2010 Closed the Utsunomiya Sales Office after integration with the Saitama Sales Office.
Renamed it as the Kanto Branch Office.
Closed the Kagoshima Sales Office after integration with the Fukuoka Branch Office.
Closed the Yokohama Branch Office after integration with the Tokyo Sales Department.
Dissolved the Development Team and Marketing Department.
Formed the Marketing and Development Division
Toshihiro Ozaki became Chairman of the Board.
Toyohiro Ozaki became President.
Became a subsidiary (100%) of Ozax Co., Ltd.
2011 Dissolved the Marketing and Development Division.
Formed the One Stop Distributor (OSD) Promotion Department.

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