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Top Management Message

We are making a contribution to the industrial world
by both improving customer satisfaction
and developing a global strategy.

Fuji Kogyo Co., Ltd. was founded in 1934 as a manufacturer of gummed tapes. After, we restructured our organization to become a trading company specialized in handling all types of packaging supplies.
We have been expanding our business through sound management.
Nowadays, we play an important role as part of the core of Ozax Co., Ltd.’s Orchid Group.
We deeply appreciate our customers’ support.
We will always be devoted to our principle, “Customers First.” We respond swiftly and accurately to fulfill the sophisticated and diverse needs of our customers while striving to be a trusted business partner.
Therefore, in the rapidly changing social and economic environment, we are continuously exploring new fields, constantly adapting ourselves and boldly carving out our future.
In fact, we have been working on a drastic reformation of our revenue generation systems and the development of new business. We actively train our employees and fully utilize their abilities with the aim of expanding into the global market.
We are a company that seriously contemplates the global environment and energy problems. Moreover, we are increasing our effort to promote corporate social responsibility. We hope you appreciate our corporate philosophy, company slogan and action guidelines. We look forward to your continued cooperation and support.
Toshihiro Ozaki
Chairman of the Board
Toyohiro Ozaki

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