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Private Brand (PB) & Global Products
“Low Cost, High Quality” is our slogan. Under this slogan, we have developed many different PB products and other items. We are dedicated to providing business, both domestically and globally.
Gummed Tape:
Gummed tape is used as a basic packaging material.
Also, it is eco-friendly and being reexamined as a recyclable packaging material.
Gummed Tape
FKK Gummed Tape
Orchid Stretch:
Orchid Stretch Film is used in various situations to protect loads from collapse, theft, dirt, water and dust.
It features strong elasticity, burst resistance, superior adhesion and outstanding transparency.
Stretch Films
Orchid Stretch Film
Global Products
tesa® Oriented Polypropylene (OPP) Tape:
tesa® OPP Tape is an eco-friendly and high-performance adhesive tape without organic solvents.
Also, we carry a wide range of tape thicknesses.
tesa® Tapes
tesa® OPP Tape
tesa® Duct Tape:
Features of tesa® Duct Tape are flexibility and strong adhesion. It is a cloth tape and can be used for things related to air ducts and other various purposes. 
tesa® Duct Tape
tesa® Duct Tape

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